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27 September
Hello! I'm ElectricFreight, otherwise known as Hobz, TenTen, Shrimp, Fumiyo-chan, Pumpkin... I have practically an endless list of nicknames and I answer to every single one of them. So feel free to choose one or create your own, I'm bound to respond to it anyway... I am from the little smudge on the map, across the pond... aka the UK, ^_^

I am a huge musical theatre nut, who has recently branched out into Japanese musical theatre. I have found that you don't need to be able to speak the language to be able to understand the show. That's a good thing about musicals I suppose... you can understand just fine by the music and the acting. ^_^ I am also a Sailor Moon fan, only recently having refound my love for it, but I am back into it big time... cosplaying, endless watching, fanfiction... you name it. I also part of the Sera Myu Performance and Cosplay group known as Chasin' After Myu... okies so I am one of the co-founders actually, but let's not get too technical, ^_^

I am also a huge Sci-fi/fantasy fan... and seeing Lord of the Rings on stage is one of my favourite memories... my two passions in one, and with one of my all time favourite musical theatre performers as Aragorn... But anyway...

I am also majorly into Takarazuka now... the Japanese musical theatre troupe where all the performers are female... to put it basically, XD So a lot of my friends locked posts are about that... ^^;;

My cosplay in progress entries are often friends locked unless I'm looking for advice or something and those are left open. All reviews are left open too. ^_^


I think that's all you really need to know for now. My Journal is partially friends locked... meaning all Chasin' After Myu related posts are open to everyone, but any personal entries, or completely pointless entries etc will be friends locked. So if you for some strange reason would like to read those entries, or if you would like to get to know me better then just drop me a note, ^_^ I don't bite honestly... I am strange and completely random at times, but you probably gathered that just by reading all this... ^_^