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Partially Friends Locked

Okies guys, this journal is partially friends locked. This means that any personal entries will be locked. So if you would like to read these entries, they can be very random and entertaining at times, then leave a comment, ^_^

All Chasin' After Myu related entries will be left open.

London MCM Expo - May 2010

So... this was a long time in coming and I can't put it off any longer... since it will soon be over a month since the event... SO! Here be my account/review of the London May MCM Expo 2010.

Also, apologies for the size of the photos... lj is being fail...


And that's it, ^_^ Good time was had, and I enjoyed myself immensely... (I still can't believe we won) XD XD Amecon is in a week... and no doubt I'll be posting about that once I'm back... hopefully I won't take as long to post about it, ^^;;


Cosplay List 2010

London May Expo
Crown Prince Rudolf - Elisabeth, Takarazuka 2007
Ayana Oto, Policewoman - Rio de Bravo, Takarazuka 2009

Young Rudolf - Elisabeth, Takarazuka 2007
Crown Prince Rudolf - Elisabeth, Takarazuka 2007
Phoenix Wright - Takarazuka 2009

The following costumes are unconfirmed. Final decisions about the costumes and/or events still to be decided.

Whitby Goth Weekend October
Alfred - Tanz der Vampire
Crown Prince Rudolf - Elisabeth, Takarazuka 2007
Elliot Jones - Silver Rose Chronicle, Takarazuka 2007
Henri - Seal of Roses, Takarazuka 2003

Grand International Cosplay Ball
Alfred - Tanz der Vampire


Alphabet Meme - Y

Comment and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list ten people/places/things you love that begin with that letter, afterwards post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.
bwinter gave me 'Y'.

Yuumi Hiro
So for a long time all I ever knew about her was that she was the tallest 'Sienne in the company, thanks to her takawiki page mainly. Then I watched Copacabana where she plays the role of Willy and I found her adorable. She was brilliant in that role and kept me entertained everytime she came onstage. Then of course I kept my eye out for her in anything else I saw... then I found out she was playing Edgeworth in Phoenix Wright 2... and I knew I had to see it. So I bought it... and was very happy, XD Her Edgeworth was amazing. I LOVED her in that role. I just love how she is so beautiful and so tall, yet she is a brilliant otokoyaku. I think because of her height she did have to prove her dancing skills and acting ability in a way. She didn't want to just be labelled as the tall one in the company. And well... she's won herself a place in my heart atleast.

Yuzuki Reon
I never really paid that much attention to Chie until Teru was transferred into her troupe as her nibante. This of course made me check out more of hoshigumi and pay more attention to them etc. I found a few clips and sort of loved Chie through those. Then I saw Legend of the Great King and the Four Gods version II... and I was blown away. The first full show I had seen Chie in and I was not dissapointed. She has such a deep and gorgeous voice. I could happily sit and listen to it for hours. Her acting is top notch and her dancing... her dancing!!! That girl can dance. Really dance. She's amazing. And so deserves her top star status. I really do hope she has a long and successful top star career.

Yumesaki Nene
You were expecting this one, :p But then I did talk about Chie so of course I'm gonna talk about Nene too!! So Nene... I love her, ^_^ She is simply stunning and a good partner for Chie. She also works fantastically with Teru too which is good, considering Teru is nibante... XD Her portrayal of Kiha in Legend 2 was amazing. She actually made me like the character, who (if you don't know yet) I completely hate in the drama, XD Her Elisabeth aswell is simply adorable. She struggled with a few of the notes but she didn't do a bad job at all. I think if Hoshigumi did Elisabeth that Nene would be able to handle the role even better now that she's had a chance to grow and develop more. I would also like to say that I adore her younger sister too... <3

It begins with Y!!! It's not cheating!!! XD XD So yukigumi... it's my troupe, ^_^ I have seen and own more yukigumi shows then any of the other troupes. I can name loads more of the 'Siennes in yukigumi than the other troupes... It's my troupe!! XD XD Seriously though, I have never seen another troupe do an otokoyaku dance quite as good as yukigumi. And I don't know what other people think but for some reason I see yukigumi being a lot closer to each other than the other troupes... I don't know how to explain it properly but they seem to have a deeper and stronger connection? I'm not saying the other troupes don't, but to me yukigumi seems to have the strongest team. This is also Hiromi's current and hopefully final troupe too... ^_^

Yeon Hogae
It's a Y!!!! XD I love the character of Yeon Hogae but part of me also hates him... XD 'Zuka Hogae is adorable. Well Teru's version is... especially when he's younger. He's happy and friendly, and you can't help but love him. Then after his mother commits suicide the poor guy goes downhill quickly. In the 'Zuka show you still like him and can't help but feel sorry for him. Now in the drama I had slightly different opinions on him. When he is younger, again you like him but you feel sorry for him for what his parents are like and what he has to put up with. You can tell he wants to be really good friends with Damduk but because of his parents and their views on him he's afraid to let them know of his friendship. Then when's older... for most of the drama I spent the time hating him completely. He and Kiha deserved each other in my opinion. But then gradually you begin to feel sorry for him again. He had been used pretty much from the start. And near the end of the drama you do like him again whilst still resenting him, XD

Yaten Kou
Yaten is my favourite character in Sailor Moon. I first saw her in the myus played by Momoko, and I fell in love with her then. Momoko's portrayal of her was SO funny... and you could tell the three of them playing the Starlights had become such good friends. The dynamics between them was just brilliant. Then I finished watching the anime and I loved her even more. She became more like me in a way. Her sarcastic remarks... I loved them. Her short temper, so like me it was scary, XD Out of all the characters she's the one I can understand the most. I relate to her the most in a way aswell. Even my nickname, TenTen, has come from Yaten. She's my role in CaM and one of the characters I plan to cosplay the most. I love her.

Yay!! Star Wars!!! I love Star Wars... especially Yoda. And no not just because he's green... or short... or speaks weirdly. Though all of that does help, XD I love how different he is and how wise he is. There is no-one I respect more in Star Wars than Yoda... or well Obi-Wan Kenobi first but Yoda second!! I simply adore that little green dude, ^_^

Yahoo Japan
Oh how I love yahoo japan... about half of my 'Zuka collection has come from there and all of my Myu collection. It is annoying that you have to go through companies to bid on there, and that you then have to pay the extra fees. However... It is worth it in the end. Being able to get these items from Japan which we wouldn't be able to get anywhere else... it really is worth it, ^_^ I've actually been getting items from yahoo japan for about a year now if not longer, ^_^

Yami ga Hirogaru
This has to be one of my all time favourite songs. I LOVE it. I fell in love with this song the first time I saw Elisabeth. It may have something to do with my love for the character of Rudolf in Elisabeth. But I also love the musicality of it, and how it is performed in the 'Zuka versions too. I always find myself randomly singing this, and whenever I sing along to it I automatically sing the lower harmony, sung by Rudolf, XD XD I also have fond memories of this song aswell which seems kinda weird considering what the song is about. But imagine two people trying to practice this song whilst trying to squint at a laptop screen... and even smaller... a youtube video. And trying to remember to do it opposite to what we're looking at... XD XD

Why do I love the Yen so much? Cus the exchange rate is insane, XD So something that you think might end up costing a lot may end up saving you money, XD XD It's brilliant!!! XD I have great fun to trying to estimate how much it will cost in the British Pound, XD XD

Now how did I manage to get 8/10 of them to relate to Takarazuka... XD XD Though in a way I could probably try to relate Yaten Kou and Yoda to 'Zuka... the Yoda one would definitely be interesting... XD XD Hmm... I'll definitely take this meme up again if I can. Was quite entertaining.

Though now I think I'm gonna go back to laying on my bed... stupid head that won't stop spinning... *really wants to feel healthy again*

Grand International Cosplay Ball - 2009

Grand International Cosplay Ball 2009

So it's about time that I did this. My review of the Grand International Cosplay Ball 2009. XD Only a month late... whoops, XD

Okies so I'm going to start with Friday...

FridayCollapse )

SaturdayCollapse )

SundayCollapse )

Monday and Overall.Collapse )

My next cosplay event will be London May MCM Expo 2010. Currently my costumes planned are, Alain de Soissons (Rose of Versailles, Takarazuka) and Kozuki Wataru (ACHE). I will be doing a review with pictures of that one too afterwards, ^_^

Warning Picture Heavy

So that was the Grand International Cosplay Ball of 2009. Bring on London May MCM Expo 2010!! ^_^

London MCM Expo - October 2009

London MCM Expo - October 2009.

Well it's been a week now so about time I did my review of it. Not that it will make much sense really but ah well.

Friday!!Collapse )

Saturday!!Collapse )

Sunday!!Collapse )

Monday and Overall!!Collapse )

Warning Picture Heavy!!
PICTURE SPAM!!Collapse )

So that was October Expo 2009... bring on the Cosplay Ball this month!!

My Collection

Elisabeth - Tsukigumi 2005
Elisabeth - Tsukigumi 2005 shinko
The Brothers Karamazov - Yukigumi 2008
The Legend of the Great King and the Four Gods, Version II - Hoshigumi 2009
Phoenix Wright 2 - Soragumi 2009

Sera Myu
Mugen Gakuen - MarinaMoon

Ninja Yell 1 - Ono Hikari
Ninja Yell 3 - Ono Hikari

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Any Suggestions?

Bit of a random entry but meh... This is actually more of a question to people really but I is needing ze help, XD XD

Basically does anyone have any ideas about how to make the chainlinks for handcufs... like they need to be thick and chunky sorta, not thin ones...

The handcuffs are a prop/part of a costume I wanna do, and they are sorta old fashioned in the sense that they are thick and bulky... not like the thin ones that are generally on fake handcuffs nowadays.

I already know how to make cuff bits or have worked that out, but I'm blanking on the chainlinks.

If need be I will hunt for a pair of fake handcuffs with the chainlinks at the right size and modify them, but I would prefer to make them.

I'm also having to make a jacket which is such a daunting prospect but Heather has already said she will help me with it. It will be much cheaper to make it than to buy one and cut it down to size... and considering I'm having problems finding one aswell... It's gonna have to be made.

But yes... any ideas for the handcuffs?


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Well here is what I've been meaning to post since yesterday... Enjoy!!

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